Recognizing the fast-emerging construction and design sector in Cebu, the Philippine Building and Construction Expo Cebu or simply, PHILBEX Cebu was introduced in 1997 as a regional leg of the iconic WORLDBEX in Manila. Over two decades later, PHILBEX Cebu has doubtlessly driven the Cebuano construction and design industry to greater heights with each installment.

In providing the region with a topnotch venue in which to showcase the latest and most innovative products and services, PHILBEX Cebu has likewise set the standards by which industry players measure excellence with its compelling event highlights. As a testament of its ever-expanding reach, PHILBEX Cebu reports a staggering total of 28,000 visitor count as it presented over 100 booths by the region’s finest companies and brands during its 2017 show. Moreover, it managed to elicit a 90% satisfaction rate from over 88 companies who participated in its latest installment. Expected to deliver another highly productive edition this 2018, PHILBEX Cebu is expected to boost the growth of Cebu’s economic sectors in an exponential manner.

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